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We'd love to hear from you! What services or classes are you interested in?
In this comprehensive course facilitated by one of our certified instructors, you will be personally guided through the newborn experience and will learn practical skills to help you feel confident and empowered on your journey into parenthood! Providing you hands-on experience with swaddling, diapering, soothing techniques and breastfeeding basics, this class will equip you to thrive as new parents.

Cost: $ 85.00
This is a prenatal class to educate you on the benefits of breastfeeding while equipping you with tools and knowledge to set you up for a successful, beautiful nursing relationship with your babe.

Cost: $ 35.00
A free early pregnancy class ideal for the first trimester, but everyone is welcome!

Cost: $ FREE
This 1.5 hour class is designed to help you set realistic expectations for both you and your newborn during the fresh post-partum period. Understanding the concepts covered in this class can be critical to connecting with your baby while maintaining your overall mental, emotional, and physical health as you both find your new normal.

Cost: $ 40.00
An educational course designed to help you establish healthy and realistic expectations for your newborn's sleep behavior.

Cost: $ 40.00
Great for confidence building & coping techniques for labor and birth with evidenced based methods

Cost: $ 225.00
Parenting is hard. Let us help you ease into the messy and embrace your new normal in this 1.5 hour informational + supportive class.

Cost: $ 40.00
This class will guide you through proven methods to help soothe and comfort your baby through challenges like teething, sickness, and separation.

Cost: $ 40.00
An educational 4 hour class + support on how to achieve a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) in the Port City.

Cost: $ 85.00
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